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It (2017) – Scary-tober Review

Sorry if I haven’t watched many movies lately. I have been very busy in my life and in my studies, so I wasn’t really in the mood for Halloween unlike last year. Still, I wanted to catch up a little bit to prepare myself for Halloween, and what better way to do that than watching a scary movie? In my next entry for Scary-tober, I will be taking a look at 2017’s It, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Set in the small town of Derry, Maine in the late 80s, It follows a group of seven children called “The Losers Club”, who are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with a shape-shifting monster that takes the form of an evil clown and feeding off the fears of children called Pennywise and their determination to kill it.

Never have seen a movie that reached the levels of scare as It, as it’s one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in a while. Director Andy Muschietti does a phenominal job in building up the suspense in each scene and making the audience get invested in the story and the screenplay does a great job in establishing the world and fleshing out the characters.

What I also love about the film is the mysterious vibe it builds up. The prologue, which I won’t spoil that much, does a great job in setting up the tone of the film and from there, you get to see how the characters are fleshed out and rarely I’ve seen a horror film where about pretty much all the characters.

The cinematography is astonishing to look at and the color grading balances between the bright and dark tones. The set design manages to bring its 80s setting to life and the movie manages to loosely adapt the book without losing what made it scary. The make-up that brought Pennywise to life is astounding and the CGI work is surprisingly good.

I also have to talk about the performances by the cast. In most movies, it’s hard to care about the child actors, but in this movie, many of them do a great job in their roles. They get a lot of development throughout and they share great chemistry, especially the actors who played Bill and Beverly However, the star of the show is Bill Skärsgard, who manages to give an unsettling and scary performance as Pennywise.

On the flip side, Richie is the only chcaracter I couldn’t stand. I found that character very annoying. I also who have liked to see more scenes to flesh out the characters further. Overall, It is one of the most suspensful and scariest movies I’ve seen in a while and it does the source material and the character of Pennywise justice.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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