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It (2017) – Scary-tober Review

Sorry if I haven’t watched many movies lately. I have been very busy in my life and in my studies, so I wasn’t really in the mood for Halloween unlike last year. Still, I wanted to catch up a little bit to prepare myself for Halloween, and what better way to do that than watchingContinue reading “It (2017) – Scary-tober Review”


A Star is Born (2018) – Movie Review

I’m pretty sure that we all know the megasupestar, Lady Gaga. She has been well-known as one of the biggest selling musicians of the last decade and changed the game when she released her debut single, “Just Dance”, in 2008. However, I wasn’t a fan of her initially. In fact, I couldn’t stand her musicContinue reading “A Star is Born (2018) – Movie Review”

La La Land (2016) – Movie Review

Have you ever had a movie that left you amazed in its first watch? A movie that blew you away completely? La La Land was that movie for me. This movie had been on my watchlist for a long time and upon finally seeing it, I was surprised by it. La La Land not only revitalized the musical genreContinue reading “La La Land (2016) – Movie Review”

Now You See Me (2013) – Movie Review

I think a lot of people say that they love this movie and that it’s a visual feast. I’ve heard about this movie before and I know it has a sequel that was released in 2016, so I watched this film with my sister and mom and this might be an upopular opinion, I enjoyedContinue reading “Now You See Me (2013) – Movie Review”